T D Shrinivas

Son of T V Dwarkanath ,Shrinivas was exposed to art at very young age . An engi neer by education, he currently runs the very famous Prabhat sound system and enterprises. He has been in the field of building and designing Auditoriums for the last 25years. His sense of sound engineering and aesthetics is unparalleled. He the primary technical designer for Prabhath Auditoriums.

Poornima Ananth

Born and brought up in South Bangalore, an architect and interior designer by profession, she has keen interest in art and theatre. Integrating the science of acoustics with interior decor she renders an aesthetic appeal to Prabhath auditoriums. The passion within her to contribute to society by promoting art and culture is the driving force that led to the formation of Prabhath auditoriums with like-minded people.


Having worked in various Multinational companies and travelled the world, he brings in Corporate skills to professionally manage and operate Prabhath auditoriums.

T R Vijay

The proprietor of Maastek a pioneer in security and sound solutions. Vijay had an exposure to art as he was born in Prabhat. Though he is an electronics and communication engineer, he enjoyed closely working with eminent artists as video editor and then branched into providing sound solutions. He currently runs two successful organisations and manages projects for Prabhath Auditoriums.


The great granddaughter of Nadha Ghandarva T V Karigiri Achar, Varshini has been pursuing art from a very young age. Born into the Prabhath family, Varshini has had the privilege of learning dance from world renown artist Smt. Nirupama , Sri T D Rajendra and Smt. Shakuntala R Prabhath. A computer science graduate, she discovered her passion for theatre much later, she is dawns the role of a curator for Prabhath Auditorium.



Someone who comes from a family of artists and dancer, Varshini grow up with the liberal dose to art around here. At sixteen she was introduced to an art form of Harikatha, a traditional form of storytelling by her grandfather and she never looked back since. She is being Curator for Prabath Auditoriums for 4 years.

Pallavi S

Hailing from Tiptur, Pallavi is a Telecommunication Engineer who till recently was working with Robert Bosch, her affiliation for art started at a very young age with Dance. She is trained in Bharatanatyam under Smt.Nalina, her quest for art continued through writing as Blogger and extended to theatre and she is currently following her passion at Prabhath, as she finds it as platform for her creative whirls along with continuing her theatre journey.

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